AVide Professional Services

That will ensure optimal performance of your AVideo Platform
by offering a slew of services to optimize your success.

CDN Services

Our content delivery network or content distribution network is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The goal is to provide high availability and high performance by distributing the media content spatially relative to end-users.

Hosting Services

We provide a world wide CDN, Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated Servers to any AVideo Platform hosting requirement world wide.

Setup and Installation

We can assist with installation of the AVideo Platform, encoders, live streaming, plugins, templates, and customization. We offer a server installation service. That will Ensure optimal performance of your AVideo Platform by having experts fine-tune deployment.

Support Services

Technical Support (Tech Support) We help monitor and maintain your organisation's computer systems and networks in relation to your AVideo Platform. Can assist in diagnosing any hardware or software faults with these systems and will solve the issues either remotely or help your techs over the phone to insure your platform is running smoothly.

Managed Services

We proactively monitor your platform, encoders, servers, storage, and databases. We Keep Your Systems Up and Running. Managed services is the practice of outsourcing on a proactive basis certain processes and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. Contact Us Today!

App Store Submission, Optimization & Marketing

We provide app store submission, optimization services and app marketing. App Store Optimization ensures that an app will draw the attention of its potential users by tuning title, keywords, description, icon, screenshots, etc. of the mobile app and motivate them to download the app and actually use it afterward. We draw upon our marketing expertise to create the most profitable business model, promotion and monetisation strategy for your app.

Consultation Services

We provide a variety of consultation and valuation/value building services to our clients based on their desired outcomes with a focus on tangible results. Our strong consulting team has evolved over the years and have attained excellent expertise that catalyzes our ability of creating and suggesting profitable business model for your AVideo Platform. Contact Us Today!

Monetize Your Traffic

We provide companies with new business models that evolve around the delivery of video content, complementing their existing business offerings and adding to their revenues. AVideo platform and solutions are unsurpassed in quality, interactivity, and revenue generating ability across networks and devices.

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