Two AVide Platform APP
Options For Your Site

Live streaming direct from your phone to your
AVideo Platform site.

We provide our AVideo Platform Sites With Two Options,
A Free Branded Option for Live streaming and a White-label Option.

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Our FREE App Features

Live Stream From Your Mobile Devices
Directly To Your Avide Platform Site

  • Enter Your Site URL

    Start Sreaming Live to your Avideo Platform site right from your mobile devices.

  • Social Network Login

    The app will use the same social network logins you have on your site!

  • Live Stream

    This app gives people the ability to live stream directly from their phones!

  • Full Integration

    Basically almost all the features of your AVideo Platform will also reflect in the mobile app!

Download AVide Platform FREE App for your site

Download our free app now and start live streaming right away. Simply enter the URL for your AVideo Platform site and start streaming.

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White-label App Options

Want your own AVide Platform branded app
for the Android and IOS App Stores?

We know your business depends on us and we don't take that lightly. You can buy from us this mobile application with your own branding that you can publish directly in an app store or distribute on your own!

Choose which option works best you!
We can compile a branded version with your AVideo Platform site URL hard-coded to it for a minimal fee.

We will provide you with your app(s) compiled for their respective app store.
Price does not include app store submission(s), nor does it include app marketing.
Please see our professional services page for app professional services.

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