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AVideo App FAQs

We offer two options. A branded AVideo Platform app, that will integrate with your AVideo Platform when you submit your platform URL. A white-label AVideo Platform app, that will integrate with your AVideo Platform, you do NOT have to submit your platform URL and we brand your app with your logo.

Both apps are practically the same, except the white-label is compiled with your AVideo Platform URL and branded with your logo. Users do not have to enter URL to use.

You can do practically everything you can do on your platform, but with the convinience of being mobile. You can watch VOD, watch Live Streams, Upload content, and Livecat in real-time (only on Android).

The free app is downloaded from the app stores from our account. The white-label app we deliver to you via email once complete. But we do not automatically submit to app stores. We can submit your app in the app stores for a service fee and we can also market your app for a service fee. See our professional services page for details.

AVideo Open-Source FAQs

AVideo Platform Open-Source software (AVideo OSS) is a Avideo version in which source code is released under a license (OSI) in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and is developed in a collaborative public manner via the AVideo Developer Community.

Any one who wishes to host, contribute, and collaborate with an a version of the AVideo Platform.

The Open-Source Avideo Platform is FREE of charge. There are charges to extend the AVideo Platform functionality by using plugins.

AVideo Developer Community is a group of individuals/entities who (voluntarily) work together to develop, test, or modify Avideo Platform open source software products. By design, the AVideo Platform open source software licenses promotes collaboration and sharing because they permit other people to make modifications to source code and incorporate those changes into their own projects.

AVideo Enterprise FAQs

Enterprise software, also known as enterprise application software (EAS), is software used to satisfy the needs of an organization rather than individual users (SaaS). The AVideo Platform Enterprise Solution is designed to operate in a corporate environment such as business or government. AVideo Platform Enterprise Solution is the latest and greatest stable release of the AVideo Platform, we provide a series of professional services to get you going on your own AVideo Platform expeditiously. Get Professional Support, Premium Features and Security Features.

You must be an organization and be willing to pay for one of our Enterprise Plans to get it.

There are several plans available, but a diologue is required as it is always a custom solution for the organization depending on their broadcasting needs. It is always better to consult one of our sales engineers, as they can help you find solutions your organization may not have thought of due to not knowing the platform, capabilities, plugins and custom solutions.

Enterprise customers can get a full suite of services, from consultation, to installation, network architechture, hosting, development, upgrades, and much more.

AVideo SaaS FAQs

AVideo Platform SaaS Solution can be reach by accessing https://avideo.com, or by downloading the app at the Android or IOS app stores.

At AVideo.com you can upload, manage and curate audio and video content. Share content to all social media networks, integrate your media content on any website including our YouPortal.com (Social Portal System). Livecasting, streaming, and much more. You can create a free account and take it for a test drive here.

AVideo is primarily for business and anyone who wants to take audio and video broadcasting to the next level.

General Enquiries

AVideo is not a company, it is the brand and registered trademark for our Audio and Video platform. Although it is a registered trademark, it is free to use with any of our licensed SaaS, Enterprise, and Open-Source solutions. AVideo doesn't mean anyting so if it is used in your video URLs from any of our solutions, you are not branding any company or business. AVideo simply means a video or audio video or anything you want it to mean.

AVideo Platform is owned and operated by WWBN media division of PeachWiz, Inc. and is supported by a community of over 900 developers. It is the brain child of our Chief Technology Officer Daniel Neto. And it is part of the WWBN suite of applications that comprise the World Wide Broadcast Network Platform System.

At WWBN we believe that anyone and everyone with access to the Internet is in fact a bradcast entity. Wether it be in a channel format provided by the many video sharing sites and social media networks, or network format by the platforms themselves. In order to accellerate our Broadcast Network Platform System, we are enabling users via our SaaS Platform located at AVideo.com, and our AVideo Platform Clones such as the Avideo Enterprise Platform and AVideo Open-Source Platform Solutions to create broadcast channels and networks world wide. In essence every AVideo Platform Clone is a Broadcast Network in the World Wide Broadcast Network Platform System. This will enable these broadcasters to leverage the WWBN Application Suite which include our broadcast allocation node system, searchmercials advertising, and searchtube meta search engine as well as other applications to be disclosed at a later time.

One Platform, three solutions. We make it easy to get and use the AVideo Platform. For businesses that do not wish to host their own Enterprise or Open Source platform, we offer our SaaS Solution. You can create a user or business channel at AVIDEO.com and enjoy all that AVideo has to offer in broadcasting without the hassles of managing and mainting your own platform. All channels are indexed in our META Search Engine for media content just as if you were managing your own platform. For mid to large size businesses we offer our Enterprise Solution. The Enterprise Solution is the latest and greatest stable release of the AVideo Platform, we provide a series of professional services to get you going on your own AVideo Platform expeditiously. We also offer an Open-Source Solution. This is our most popular option with over 4000 Networks (AVideo Platform Clones) spread throughtout the world. This solcution is for developers "ONLY", and developers/contributors are encouraged to collaborate in the evolution of the AVideo Platform. There is no support for the Open-Source Solution other than participating in the AVideo Developer Community. This is where all bugs, comments, issues, etc. are addressed. You can learn more by checking out the FAQ below pertaing to each solution.

We forsee a bright future for the AVIdeo Platform. All networks (AVideo Platform Clones) will be indexed into our Open Systems Television where we will help take your Network (AVideo Platform Clone) to the next level. Visit WWBN.com to learn more.